Tuesday, 26 July 2016

New Drone Test

New Drone Test

In last month, I started to build a new DIY drone. Some details will be attached below.

Drone Building

This drone we using an old Tarot 650 carbon fiber frame, 4 x kv800 rotors,4 x 12-inch propellers (4 x 15-inch propellers), 4 x 30-A ESCs, Pixhawk flight controller with 3DR GPS module, Turnigy 9xr pro radio controller with FrySKY XJT module, X8R SBUS receiver, and 3DR telemeter.

Drone Setting

APM Planner was used fro flight controller setting. RC was programmed by eepskye. 

After basic setting and sensors calibration, I went out for several times flight test. Here I can write a book named 'Drone accidents'. The first time, before took off, one propeller was loose and shoot off. The second time, it spinning on the ground and flipped over. The third time, it can take off, but direct crashed on a tree (One leg was gone). The fourth time crashed on a wall (Another leg was gone). The fifth time.....  (Sorry, too many times, it is hard to recall all of them.)

Every accident made the drone settings improved a little but made the physical structure damaged a lot. I do not want it to be totally destroyed before the successfully take off. So, after several days' hard repairing, I designed a few indoor test methods. 

Indoor Test

Four pipes were mounted on each arm to keep a safe distance for propellers. Steel core cord went through those pipes to restrict drone’s movement. In the video, you can see the drone flight just like an angry wasp. It was lucky I bought strong enough cords.

PID Tuning

To adjust the PID parameters for flight control. Two tables were used to fix the vertical movement of the drone. After several times test, with the help from Even, the PID curves are looks much better.


Outdoor Test

After got a satisfied setting, we did an outdoor test. Finally, it successfully took off and followed with a safe landing.   : D


Siyuan Chen
School of Civil, Structural and Environmental Engineering
University College Dublin, Ireland

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